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Toray's TORAYCA® yarn is a high-performance carbon fiber made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN). After releasing its TORAYCA® T300 in 1971, Toray has been manufacturing high-performance carbon fiber longer than any other company in the world, providing a number of high-quality, stable products.

With its excellent characteristics, TORAYCA® composite materials are contribution significantly to wide-ranging fields including aerospace, industrial, sport/leisure, etc.

Toray's new high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber TORAYCA® T1100G solves the age-old challenge of achieving high strength and high modulus in recent years.

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TORAYCA® GT series
New Fiber Z600-24K

TORAYCA® GT is new product series which pursuit cost-performance for large volume applications utilizing both Toray and Zoltek technologies.
Z600-24K is a brand-new carbon fiber of TORAYCA® GT series which provide affordable price and superior fiber quality.

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