Design technology

Toray provides design support using CAE technology in various fields.

Role of CAE technology in design work

Design is a process of converting the "customer's requests (= development targets)" of stronger, lighter, etc., into design targets and ultimately determining design drawing values (design parameters) based thereon. To quickly introduce to the market a product reflecting the customer's requests, product development must be completed over a short period and at low cost.

Design technology

Toray aims to continue helping our customers in their product development process by offering CAE technology development service combining computer technology and know-how gained from actual design operations.

Scope of Toray's CAE design technology for composite materials

Modeling method for anisotropic/laminate structures

  • Strength prediction technology
  • Material database maintenance
  • Forming process analysis technology
  • Simple modeling method
  • Building of Total CAE technology required in product performance evaluation

We are building a dedicated database of composite materials and developing various modeling methods (laminate, sandwich, weld, etc.) to improve analysis accuracy.

  • Numerical model of composite materialNumerical model of composite material
  • Verification by 3-point bending strength testing of sandwich panelVerification by testing (Verification by 3-point bending strength testing of sandwich panel (3-point bending strength of sandwich panel) (Left: Analysis diagram, right: Test)