What You Should Know before Using TORAYCA®

Precautions for Security Export Control

Our carbon fiber TORAYCA® products or technologies relating to the design, manufacturing or use thereof may be classified as the goods specified in 1 to 15 of Appended Table 1 of the Export Trade Control Order, or as the technologies specified in 1 to 15 of Appended Table of the Foreign Exchange Order, or as other goods/technologies that may be specified by the government as being subject to export control for national security reasons.

When exporting or providing to a non-resident any such TORAYCA® product or any such technology relating to the design, manufacture or use of TORAYCA® product, an export permission or service transaction permission must be obtained from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry or other necessary procedure must be taken according to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act or other relevant law, notice, etc.

For details, visit the security export control page of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's website.