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Toray is also focused on business development of the prepreg intermediate product of its TORAYCA® series (sheet-shaped carbon fiber impregnated with resin). Offering the quality features of TORAYCA®, the prepreg is widely used in aircraft applications such as the tail planes and floor beams of Boeing 777s, as well as sporting applications including golf club shafts, fishing rods, tennis racket frames.

Toray developed new matrix resins by applying the NANOALLOY® technology in recent years.
Furthermore, the composite combining the resins with the TORAYCA® T1100G has achieved higher strength and modulus of elasticity.

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NANOALLOY® is a technology brand that represents Toray's high technical skills.
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Next generation intermediate materials
TORAYCA® Prepreg ET40

Toray developed the new prepreg sheet which balanced a three-dimensional formability with superior dynamics properties. ET40 is prepreg characterized by expansible and transformable

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