TORAYCA® cloth method - Overview

What is the TORAYCA® cloth method?

Reinforcement method involving bonding of TORAYCA® cloth to the frame to be reinforced.

Key structures that can be reinforced

An official guideline is available for the structures in red.

  • Bridge columnBridge column
  • Smoke stackSmoke stack
  • Road tunnelRoad tunnel
  • BeamBeam
  • Floor board/slabFloor board/slab
  • PillarPillar

Features of the material

TORAYCA® clothTORAYCA® cloth

(1) Ease of application
Weight increase is negligible and there is minimum impact on the foundation.
Section increase is almost negligible and there is minimum impact on the construction limits.
No heavy machinery is required, required work space is small, and application in narrow areas is possible.
Structures of different shapes/sections can be accommodatedflexibly.
(2) Economy
Required reinforcement amount can be met by adjusting the number of layers.
(3) Durability
No rusting and after minimum maintenance application.
External factors of deterioration are cut off to prevent deterioration of concrete and corrosion of reinforcing steel.