TORAYCA® laminate method - Overview

What is the TORAYCA® laminate method?

Reinforcement method involving bonding of TORAYCA® laminate to the frame to be reinforced

Tensile force is received by the TORAYCA® laminate.


Structural reinforcement (Civil engineering applications will be sought in the future.)

  • Wooden structureWooden structure
  • SlabSlab
  • Opening reinforcementOpening reinforcement
  • Small beamSmall beam
  • Smoke stackSmoke stack

Features of the material

"Sikadur 30" "Sikadur 30"

TORAYCA® laminate
Sheet-shaped CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic)
Easy to process (Only requires sanding and cutting.)
Reinforcement effect equivalent to 4 to 8 layer carbon fiber sheets (based on comparison of carbon fiber content per unit area)
Adhesive (Sikadur 30)
Mortar adhesive
No need for primer
Easy to accommodate height gaps (3 mm or less)

Features of the method

Features of the method

Manual application, no need for heavy machinery
Minimal increase in load after reinforcement
Easy to handle
Easy to work in small space
Application without vacating
Easier surface preparation (area, powder dust, trash) → Shorter construction period
Minimal increase in section (approx. 2 to 5 mm)
Minimal impact on space where it is used (reduction in area, volume and height)