Civil engineering/building

Example of product 1 CFRP TORAYCA® super-light bridge railing (soundproof wall for railway overpass)

Very light, durable and good looking, etc., our CFRP material is used by many companies including JR Group companies and private railways for bridge railings for railway overpasses.

  • Hankyu Corporation (around Minami Senri Station)Hankyu Corporation
    (around Minami Senri Station)
  • Shikoku Railway Company (around Kochi Station)Shikoku Railway Company
    (around Kochi Station)

1. Durability, corrosion resistance

Its excellent durability and strong resistance to corrosion prevent cracking and peeling, thereby increasing the ease of maintenance.

2. Light weight

Consisting of carbon fiber, CFRP can be manufactured to light weight, which contributes to shorter construction periods and less construction costs. The material also reduces the loads applied to the structures.

3. Excellent design flexibility

CFRP allows for high degrees of freedom in terms of color, shape and other visible elements to permit flexible designs matching the landscape.

Example of product 2 CFRP construction materials

CFRP construction materials are very light and rigid because of the carbon fiber they are made of.

  • CFRP entrance eaves(Big Bird Izumo)CFRP entrance eaves
    (Big Bird Izumo)
  • CFRP louver (Big Palette Fukushima)CFRP louver
    (Big Palette Fukushima)

1. Light weight, high strength

Since light and strong construction materials can be manufactured, loads applied to the structures can be reduced. Other benefits include simpler construction and shorter construction period.

2. Durability, corrosion resistance

Its excellent durability helps increase the ease of maintenance.

3. Excellent design flexibility

These materials have a high degree of freedom in terms of shape and thus allow for flexible design.