Carbon long-fiber material housing


Toray's long-fiber carbon material is a long-fiber flame retardance resin for injection molding, developed with TORAYCA®. Drawing on the conductivity of carbon fiber, this material makes thin molded products offering excellent EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding performance, and also in light of the excellent strength and rigidity achieved by adopting long fiber, this material has been used in wide-ranging applications such as housings of notebook PCs, digital cameras and other electronic equipment, as well as internal structural members of precision equipment.


1. Light weight

2. High rigidity, impact resistance

The material weighs 70% of general fiber-reinforced plastic having equivalent rigidity. It surely helps reduce the weight of the product.
TLP: Toray Long Carbon Fiber Pellet (TORAYCA® long-fiber pellet)



3. Mold shrinkage

Low mold shrinkage results in molded product having excellent dimensional accuracy.


4. EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding performance, conductivity

The excellent EMI shielding performance drawing on the conductivity of carbon fiber eliminates the need to plate the housing, thus reducing cost and environmental impact.

  • (1) Comparison by Advantest method (electric field)

  • (2) Impact of fiber aspect ratio (L/D)

The greater the aspect ratio (the longer the fiber), the more the fibers tangle up with each other and conductive paths are formed; hence, higher EMI shielding property.

  • (3) EMI shielding material (TLP1066)

Examples of products

  • PC housing
  • Camera housing
  • Internal mechanical parts