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Toray is excited to present its new carbon fiber grades at the exhibition: 'T1100', ultra high performance fiber, 'Z600', low-cost industrial-grade 24K fiber and 'thermoplastic compatible' fiber for super engineering plastics.
Please come and visit us to learn more about the new materials on display, listed below.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

Name Material
Category Zone
T1100G & T1100S bobbins T1100GC-24K-71E & T1100SC-24K-50C Fiber Bobbin Exhibtion
T-sizing bobbin X702GC-12000-X1E Fiber Bobbin Exhibtion
Competitive grade Z600-24K Fiber Bobbin Exhibtion
Bobbin Tower <Industrial application>
FT300B  3K 40B - 2 kg bbn
M40JB 12K 50B - 2 kg bbn
T700SC 12K F0E - 6 kg bbn
T720SC 36K 50C (Stored in Le Havre) - 4 kg bbn
<Aero/space application>
T300JB 3K 40B - 2 kg bbn
T700GC 12K 31E - 6 kg bbn
T800SC 24K 10E - 4 kg bbn
M46JB 12K 50B or M55J - 2 kg bbn
Fiber Bobbin Exhibtion
Dry Yarn Carbon Fiber Tape  for Resin Infusion process
supported by “SIP” national program in Japan
Composite New Technology
CF Sheet with Binder Multi-layer sheet made by fiber placement 
supported by “SIP” national program in Japan
Composite New Technology
T1100G/3960 prepreg Next generation super performance prepreg
For aerospace
Under development (to be commercialized in 2018)
Prepreg Space & Aircraft
Bonnet Hood Smooth Molding Technology Composite Automotive
Spare Wheel Compartment Qucik process by SMC & Press Molding Composite Automotive
CFRF Sheet  Press Molding Composite New Technology
Material for 3D-Printer CF(continuous) + PPS resin Composite New Technology
Medical cassette parts < Hybrid Molding Technology >
Toray patented multi-material molding technology of CFRP plate and thermoplastic injection (Boss,Rib,Wall etc) 
Composite New Technology
Prepreg "ET-40" Excellent formability with higher mechanical property
For aerospace, automotive and sporting goods
Suitable for Compression molding
Under development (to be commercialized in 2018)
Prepreg Space & Aircraft
Prop-shaft for Alfa Romeo GIULIA/STELVIO Filament Winding Composite Automotive
VEGA C Toray supplies high performance carbon fibers
to Avio (Italy) for rocket motor case.
* Specially supported by Avio
Prepreg Space & Aircraft
Type 4 Hydrogen High-Pressure Tank  350 bar type 4 hydrogen tank for rail applications
* Specially supported by Hexagon Xperion
Fiber New Technology
G-Shock High-Impact Prepreg with Nanoalloy Prepreg New Technology
M pipe by Airbone CFRP pipe for deep water oil field 
Shorter pipe: M-pipe® 4in 15ksi
Taller pipe: M-pipe® 6in 7.5ksi
* Specially supported by Magma Global
Composite Space & Aircraft
Electric CFRP Ferry  (only Video & Panel displayed)
40% of structural weight and fuel consumption reduced
* Specially supported by Brodrene Aa)
Composite New Technology
Coriolis / France Toray contributes process cost-down to optimize
our prepreg (slit-tape) to AFP machine.
* Specially supported by Coriolis
Prepreg Space & Aircraft
Carbon Paper Gus Diffusion Layer for Fuel Cell Composite New Technology
Nishijin weaving Japanese traditional weaving technology Fabric New Technology

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